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Michelle Lockwood (Founder of Spelling Beats), came across a few problems when it came to using existing spelling methods and programs...



‘As a teacher, I found there was a lack of engaging, fun and modern spelling practice programs/resources; particularly ones suitable for both primary and secondary students. Having worked in both primary and secondary schools, I found that spelling was often an area of weakness for children, which affected their wider confidence and attitudes, especially towards writing. Conventional methods of teaching spelling can sometimes be perceived as boring, so I wanted to develop an innovative program to turn that notion on its head


Spelling is part of the National Curriculum, standardised assessments and exams in England; current primary SATS and secondary GCSEs award marks for spelling alone. Spelling regularly holds students back in their writing across primary and secondary school; however, students are now immersed in a world where they have predictive text on all their devices. Due to the rise in EdTech, 2020 learners are not practising the skill of spelling as much as their predecessors. Why should they waste time finding a spelling in the dictionary, or learn spelling rules, when their phone can instantly autocorrect spelling? Being able to spell correctly is such an important skill to have, both in education, the workplace and in life. As children and adults, our literacy skills are often judged by our ability to spell effectively!’



Solution – Spelling Beats                                                          

Winning the Let Teachers SHINE competition has enabled Michelle to develop her idea over the years into a fully-fledged, whole school, online spelling program.


Spelling Beats is an online program (suitable for primary and secondary students) that teaches spelling through the concept of Dj’ing. Due to the program’s original catchy HipHop and Dance Beats, fun gamification and competition elements, students (and teachers) are instantly motivated to engage in spelling practice.


Spelling Beats provides a whole school spelling solution that students (and teachers) can use from primary Y1 all the way up to KS3 in Secondary. 


In addition to the unique DJ inspired spelling games such as ‘Beat the BPM’, Spelling Beats has a gap plugging approach to spelling practice.  This enables students to focus only on the spellings they personally need to practise, thus significantly increasing spelling progress over a short period of time. Spelling Beats can also be used by teachers to record, assess and track their students’ spelling progress.


Spelling Beats CIC is a Social Enterprise, supported by The SHINE Trust


The main mission of Spelling Beats is to completely innovate the way that spelling is taught, learnt and assessed in primary and secondary schools. Our aim is for Spelling Beats is to be the ‘go to’ program that schools and students use to embed regular spelling practice.

Over the last 2 years, teachers and students have helped develop the program. Students have helped make the program fun and competitive, whilst feedback from teachers has been super important in ensuring Spelling Beats is smart and easy to use. 
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SHINE is an education charity that gives children the opportunity to acquire the skills and confidence they need to turn their potential into success at school and beyond.

Spelling Beats has been supported by The SHINE Trust since 2017 and continues to work closely with the charity to help improve literacy outcomes across primary and secondary schools, particularly across the North of England. 

Spelling Beats is supported by a number of schools and organisations. 
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