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Become a Master Mixer or a Superstar DJ as you Beat the BPM and compete on the leaderboard. Spelling has never sounded so good!

Spelling Beats is a Game-based, DJ-themed spelling programme to support the teaching of spelling in primary school and throughout secondary education. Pupils improve their spelling via our spelling practice games: Beat the BPM, MC the Rule and Look >Say > Cover. No DJ is left behind… Spelling Beats offers both a whole-school weekly spelling scheme and a personalised gap plugging programme.

Whether you’re teaching spelling in primary school or at secondary level, or you’re looking for activities to do at home, Spelling Beats is a great way to support learning. Children can practise spelling along to catchy beats, making Spelling Beats super fun and engaging.

Our games use spelling rules, common exception words and statutory word lists from the DfE English Spelling Appendix. Pupils also learn key grammar rules and word meanings. With age-appropriate spelling programmes for primary and secondary school, Spelling Beats can support children throughout their education, helping boost crucial literacy skills.

For more information on our spelling programmes for primary school, visit our Spelling Beats KS2 page.

If you’re interested in spelling programmes for secondary school, visit our Spelling Beats KS3 page.

Spelling Assessment and Gap Plugging